Cords got you tangled?

How to Roll Up an Extension Cord Correctly


  1. If your cord looks like this, untangle it and lay it out flat



2.Grab one end of the cord in one hand and start wrapping it around the length of your forearm

  • Under the elbow and back up to hand
  • Grab the cord in the hand you started holding the cord with each time you bring it around
  • Make sure to not grab the cord tightly when wrapping it around the arm
  • Continue until the cord is completely wrapped around your fore arm



3.     Take the wrapped cord off your arm

  • It should look like the one in the picture




  1. If it looks like a figure 8, the cord was held tightly and it couldn’t untwist when it was being wrapped
  • Unravel and repeat steps 1-3 to get the finished product in step 3


  • When wrapping an extension cord on a vacuum, unplug the vacuum from the wall and start wrapping from the vacuum end NOT the end that plugs into the wall! Then the cord unwinds itself all the way to the end.

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