About Us

Reggie and Lea Heinrichs reside on a little ranch in Jackson, MN. There they like to raise Texas longhorns and horses (in their spare time!). We have 2 adult kids with 4 grandkids, and we also have 2 younger kids starting school this fall. I am sure if you have stopped in one of our stores you might have seen these boys running around! (AJ and Teddy)

Reggie and Lea Heinrichs are not new to the businesses that they run! Reggie has been a painter for over 35 years, and Lea has been the cleaning business for over 27 years. They have been together for over 13 years and decided in 2006 to combine both their talents into one business, Last Touch Painting and Cleaning.

About 7 years ago we decided to add the Benjamin Moore Paint store to the area. Two years ago we were offered an opportunity to purchase another Benjamin Moore Paint Store in Fairmont, MN.

It has been an amazing business quest to have a residential and commercial painting and cleaning business along with 2 full retail paint stores. To top it off, we also bought out a local Vacuum Riccar dealer fall of 2019. So we also service and sell vacuums along with bags, belts, and filters!

We were able to purchase our own building in summer of 2019 and are now located at 1612 Jackson Avenue In Spirit Lake, Iowa and 927 E 10th St In Fairmont, Minnesota.

Stay tuned to all our updates and what we have going on through our Facebook pages: Last Touch Paint and Benjamin Moore, Last Touch Paint.

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Estimate 1 gallon for every 350 square feet (slightly smaller than the size of the average family room), but you’ll need almost double that if you’re applying two coats  ––  for example, if you’re painting over a dark color and don’t use primer. You’ll also likely need an extra coat of paint for textured surfaces, such as brick. Another reason to get more than you think you’ll need: The exact color of paint can vary if it’s mixed at different times, so the shade you buy this Saturday might be slightly different from the same shade you buy a few days later when you realize you’re short.

Not if you’re using a paint-and-primer in one. But if you’re buying regular old paint, you’ll get better results if you apply a coat of primer before adding color. Primer, a light-color base coat, smooths and seals walls, blocking future stains and laying the foundation for a streak-free paint job, especially on raw wood, drywall, metal, and masonry. In fact, for these surfaces, many pros prefer primer over paint-and-primer in one because combo formulas can cost more and often require two coats anyway. Have primer tinted gray or the color of your topcoat if you’re making drastic color changes—like going from red walls to light blue   ones—to better hide the old hue.

Most roller covers are cheap enough that you can treat them as disposables. But if you’d like to limit waste, you can clean them with a hand-powered brush-and-roller spinner (about $15 at home improvement and paint supply stores). Slip the paint-soaked cover onto the spinner’s rotating head, and pump the handle; centrifugal force whirls off clingy paint. Rinse the roller in soapy water, then repeat a few times. To avoid splatters, do the spinning in a 5-gallon bucket outside or in the garage. Stand the roller up vertically to dry.

No. Despite what you may have heard, deep shades can actually help a tiny space feel more expansive. Since dark colors recede, they can make walls appear farther back than they actually are. And a dark shade applied to a ceiling can make it seem higher by creating an illusion of infinity—think of the vastness of the night sky.

Our professional custom painters are full-time employees – not subcontractors, which mean each employee is reference checked and a criminal background check is performed.

We will fill old holes, fix water damage, and any other repairs will be completed as part of our preparation. The time it takes to repair is in proportion to the amount of damage.

We will remove wallpaper prior to painting. Before we remove the paper we will test an area to see how the paper was applied. If the wallpaper was not applied properly it may lead to damage to the walls when the paper is removed. Your crew leader will discuss with you other options if this is the case.


Our free estimate quote will surely get you the right painting materials for your amazing residential or commercial homes.