FAQ- Where Can I find the Nearest Benjamin Moore Retail store?

You can go to the Benjamin Moore Website and got to the store locator and put in your zip code and it will bring up your closest benjamin Moore retail store.

FAQ-  How to tell if paint is old and shouldn’t be used?

Paint that sits for a long time
will settle, so you’ll have to stir it properly before
beginning to use it. Paint that has chunks in it or rust
from the can it should not be used.
FAQ-What sundries should I use on textured

walls and ceilings?
Popcorn Ceilings:Spraying with
a paint sprayer is your best
option for optimal results.
Heavily textured wall:Use a roller cover with a ¾ nap.
FAQ-How do you take texture off of walls and

Popcorn Ceilings:For a quick fix, you could take a flat edge scraper and
actually scrape the texture off yourself, but this is not promising professional
results. If you are not satisfied with this option, you may have a professional,
re texture the ceiling.
Textured Walls:You will need to have a professional come out and Skim Coat your
walls.Dry Waller skim coat by laying a thin, smooth layer of joint compound. Skim coating
is a texturing technique used to make a wall smooth.
FAQ-Why is it that no paint store can match a Benjamin Moore color?

Because of the colorants that Benjamin Moore has formulated and patented for their paint, no one can truly
match a Benjamin Moore color.
FAQ-Can Benjamin Moore make other consumers colors?

Yes!Benjamin Moore’s state of the art technology allows us to search other consumers’
colors and match them
FAQ-Can I put latex paint over a surface that was previously painted with alkyd (oil) product?

Yes you can put latex over oil.But, you can’t put oil on top of a latex paint.
FAQ- Do I need to prime every time that I want to freshen my walls with another coat of paint?

No.You do not need to prime every time when using any brand of
paint, but an advantage of Benjamin Moore is that it is a paint and
primer in one.