COVID Cleaning Products

Keep Your Home Safe

Last Touch proudly sells Goldshield Technologies cleaning products, which are patented anti-microbial protectant that create a safer family lifestyle. Areas of use include:


Goldshield kills bacteria and mold on contact and provides residual surface anti-microbial protection that lasts for months. Use in air circulation, lavatories, seatback entertainment, luggage and storage. Also is used at the gates and transition points. Any area of high contact.

Cruise Ships

You’ve seen in the news the trouble with the spread of virus on a cruise ship. Covid 19 has brought attention to something we have been well aware of. In fact 2016-2017 were terrible years for health issues on cruise ships. Goldshiled should be used on outdoor recreation, fitness areas, dining & entertainment, living quarters and more.


The need to protect in hospitals can almost go unsaid. A regular rhythm of applying protection to all surfaces in a hospital should always be in place. For instance, medical equipment, restrooms, beds, meal trays, etc.


Gyms and fitness areas and recreational sports facilities are another common area for bacteria and viruses to thrive. Goldshield should be used on equipment surfaces, weights and accessories, towels, locker rooms, mats, HVAC and more.

Office Buildings

A great deal of opportunity for protection in these environments. Can be used on phones, desks, tablets, keyboards, cubical, elevators, restrooms, water coolers, coffee cafe’ flooring, HVAC filters, and more.

Restaurants/Food Services

Goldshield’s ability to provide residual protection is highly sought after in the restaurant industry. Restaurants require a high level of sanitation and you should consider adding protection to those processes as well. It can be used on  tables and booths, kitchen surfaces, bar surfaces, seats, restrooms and door handles. 

Residential Home Use

Goldshield provides ongoing anti-microbial protection for many areas in your home. If you have anyone in your home that is getting ill more often than others, Goldshield may be a part of the answer to help protect. Use in the bathrooms, kitchens, work surfaces, HVAC and more.

Schools and Public Facilities

Germs are everywhere and Goldshield kills bacteria and mold on contact and provides a residual protectant that lasts for months. Sickness spreads rapidly among kids in schools and Goldshield should be used on lunchroom tables, playground equipment, classroom desks, restrooms and more.

Medical Offices

Visiting a doctors office is always scary. It is an area where people with sickness gather. Because of this extra precaution should be taken to protect waiting rooms, check in areas, inspection rooms, medical devices and equipment and more. Doctors are here to cure not spread…stay protected.

Textile Industry

From washing clothes and linens at home to commercial establishments that launder tons of linens, laundry, simple as it may seem, is NOT a simple process when it comes to maintaining a sanitized end product that persists overtime. Thus Goldshield provides an invisible barrier to inhibit the growth of odor causing bacteria, bacteria which causes staining and discoloration as well as mold and mildew.

Other Potential Uses

  • Hospitality/Hotels
  • Retail Stores
  • Assisted Living
  • Prisons
  • Municipal Buildings
  • Poultry Grow Houses
  • Agriculture
  • Air Filtration
  • Cars/Uber/Taxi
  • Basements
  • Garages
  • and more